Vista Clock

Vista Clock - a FREE Desktop Analog/Digital Clock

Vista Clock is a FREE Desktop Analog/Digital clock with Chimes, Current date, Countdown, Alarm, Timer, Uptime, Stopwatch, World Clock, Atomic Clock

Designed for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Vista 64, Windows 7 - Freeware

(750 KB Setup)

v1.1 -
08/25/2009 - beta
v1.0 -
07/10/2009 - initial release

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Barduk at February 7, 2013:
If you would like to replace the default "beep" and "chime", all you have to do is to just right click on the the "Vista Clock" icon on your desk top, after you do that go to "File Location". There you will see a folder named "sound", open it. find a mp3 that you would like, a noise, song, ect. When you have one copy and paste the mp3 into the "sound" folder. Once you have the mp3 you want in the "sound" folder you want to rename it by clicking the name twice (not a double click), your going to rename your mp3 "beep" or "chime" making sure there is no capitals. To make it less of a hassle for me I went ahead and renamed "beep" and "chime", "beep2" and "chime2" just to see if my test would even work, I'm sure you can delete the "beep" and "chime" files from the git go if you like. If you would like to change the other file just repeat this process. NOTE: If you use a song for your replacement it will have to play all the way threw before it stops, if you do not press stop it will loop over again. REFERENCES: I'm 23 at January 31, 2013:
Thanx for the clocks. Sounds good. Both display (analog and digital) are very helpfull for kids to learn about time.

Frank at January 9, 2013:
Great clock... but it should have an option to make smaller. On my screen, it is 1-1/2" diameter. That takes up a lot of real estate. Thanks for the clock.

mani at December 10, 2012:
Thank you for your free service . i like it vista clock. Thank u

Gowtham at December 5, 2012:

ayd at November 30, 2012:

prof samir at November 17, 2012:
excellent approach many thanks

Lassi at November 13, 2012:
Very nice, I went through dozen stopwatch apps for a simple work timer. This is the only one I found that looks good as well.

Kamar at September 15, 2012:
Thank you very much. At least, i've got my " big time " on my desktop. Thanks.

Geoff at July 12, 2012:
I like it... not intrusive... quick and easy to use for different needs/jobs. Would be nice to have more skin options - but not necessary !! Recommended to all.

Sandra at April 22, 2012:
I use the Royale clock. Perfect. It looks just like my watch. I absolutely love it. Thanks!

Alif at March 23, 2012:
It was marvelous.But if u add more skin in will be perfect.

Manoj Pareek at February 5, 2012:
very decent watches for all purpose

fizi at February 4, 2012:
thanks for preparing the vista clock. it so nice

Keith Haley at November 4, 2011:
Really like the program... I would like to see a digital 24 hour format on the digital clock... really a great program.

Ken at October 27, 2011:
Your clock makes the best 'three minute eggs'.... Thanks

uttam at October 13, 2011:
this application is so cute i am just impress for it & i must would like to say thanking you dear getjar................

Alan Tan at September 28, 2011:

rbk at September 25, 2011:
Absolutely my Fave desktop clock ideal & efficient for the purpose THANKs G

ariel atienza at September 21, 2011:
nice clock...

Mario Bagayo at September 17, 2011:
the best analog vista desktop clock ive ever got from the internet.thanks a lot. This is really amazing.

Pete at August 25, 2011:
A realy nice application, thanks a lot. Is there a way to change the size of the clock?

bhomaram at July 22, 2011:
I like Vista clock. It is one of the best gift. thanks so much.

Amarok at April 17, 2011:
Hi dears, itīs great, keep up with the good job! Thanks for sharing!

Terry at April 5, 2011:
A different chime. This one sounds so real that at first I thought someone was at my front door!

prashant sekhar rajput at March 23, 2011:
this clock have a lot of function which gives a lot of knowlegable things

azhar at March 7, 2011:
very fine clock for my desktop

Rebecca B. at March 7, 2010:
I use it for working out, timer for cooking, & an alarm clock. It's so handy. A Victorian stopwatch face would be a great addition to the skins. Thanks so much. R.

Charles Blakemore at February 23, 2010:
Super fine. Now, invent something that cooks our breakfast, does the housekeeping, and other "physical" needs.

Anass at February 19, 2010:
Your Vista Clock is elegant and antique. Thanks !

Batesy at February 4, 2010:
this clock is better than the one i got on my software a big shout out to all who created this thanxs well recommended best free download in ages cheers

Mike Schmidt at January 26, 2010:
Thank's, Old School construction worker, I always have to think where Mickey's Hands are. My wife has a simular Clock with her VISTA, Sorry I perfer XP It's just what the Doctor Ordered!! Mike

Rudra at January 17, 2010:
this is a ultimate substitution available in this world ..this clock look like a sporty and consist with date,alarm,timer,stopwatch,countdown and more that is compact watch view....Rudra

Vonov at January 11, 2010:
Some options for the chimes would be nice...on the other hand, it's fun watching wife go to answer the door...

at December 14, 2009:
Very high tech looking! Works well and not intrusive. Good Job!!

ca at October 31, 2009:
Excellent little widgets. It took me a while to find something simple and elegant enough to live on my desktop. As a graphic designer, I mostly use the stopwatch feature to keep track of time spent on my various clients. Also, completely agree with other posts, some additional skins would be greatly appreciated.

JD at October 2, 2009:
Nice clock: Others have already suggested good additional features. It would be nice if it had alarm setting feature. Possibly multiple alarms. Suggest an enhanced feature version for a fee!

Jimmy F. at August 27, 2009:
Wow. It's nice to have this kind of clock. Not necessary to upgrade my pc from xp to vista. Thank you very much and more power

Dennis at August 11, 2009:
Unfortunately,- it is impossible to change the skins and/or colors...

viky at August 11, 2009:
your clock is awsome

Bill Gates at August 11, 2009:
Its a fabulas source to stay connected with the Time

at August 11, 2009:
It's all been said: more skins and maybe a zoom feature. All I need, it's great :)

Arnie at August 11, 2009:
Nice piece of software, and it's for free! I agree with randy and Joe that some customization features would make Vista Clock even better. Great tool anyway. Hidden feature: You can toggle the hands of the clock by clicking in the middle of its face.

Peder at July 28, 2009:
Great clock. Would like to be able to change the color scheme.

Joe at July 28, 2009:
It's a shame there are no other skins for this wonderful clock

randy marteen at July 18, 2009:
This would be great if you could change clock face color, and resize it. I give it 5 out of 10 stars.

John Bull at July 16, 2009:
Just like the brilliant ZUNE clock, this VISTA clock is even better with added optional selections. These clocks are so professionally and uniquely designed that to compare them with all the other alternatives on the Web is to try and compare the Space Shuttle with the Wright Brothers flying machine. A credit to the ingenuity of RespectSoft and their technical designers.